New Resources Consulting is proud to announce that we partnered with 27 new organizations in 2022, inhabiting the technology, healthcare, insurance, retail, and finance sectors. These new relationships speak to NRC’s hard work and dedication to providing our clients with high-quality solutions. Learn more below about how NRC can benefit your organization. 

Management Consulting Group

NRC’s Management Consulting Group partners with companies to help successfully implement business strategy with efficient and effective management of projects, people, and financial resources. Translating a vision or strategy into decisive action requires a unique skill set. We have built entire teams of experienced professionals, many of them former executives, who have not only faced a wide range of business challenges but have successfully overcome them.

Technology Solutions Group 

NRC’s Technology Solutions Group is specifically dedicated to building, supporting, and maintaining software packages. We provide your organization access to an advanced development and testing environment, professionals that are knowledgeable and current on emerging technologies, resources that can be utilized on an as-needed basis, and a business partner that will be there for the long-term sustainability of your systems.

Enterprise Solutions Group

Since 1997, NRC’s Enterprise Solutions Group has assisted clients in the optimization of their Oracle systems. With specializations that range from financial and supply chain to human capital, we provide business process and technology expertise to ensure organizations have thorough, accurate, and available information. This is done in a format that can be utilized to strengthen overall business decision-making.

We’re excited to continue adding to our portfolio and fostering new relationships in 2023. Get in touch with us to learn more about working with NRC!