While IT budgets tighten, the world of technology just grows larger and more complex. More and more companies are turning to a managed services approach to lower costs, stay ahead of the latest tech advancements, and outperform the competition. There are many reasons to employ the Managed Services Group of New Resources Consulting; here are our top five.


Simply put, employing a managed services approach is more cost-effective than hiring staff. Not only can it help you avoid the high costs of onboarding and training new team members, NRC’s Managed Services Group will work with you to design a plan that wastes neither time nor resources—one that is tailored to your needs so you can utilize it fully.


Things happen; operations go awry; the unexpected waits for no one. With NRC’s Managed Services Group by your side, you know your systems are under the watchful eye of trained experts, 24/7/365.


The Managed Services Group of New Resources Consulting provides technology experts who anticipate the needs of your systems and applications; we ready your systems for updates, taking a proactive approach to system health and security. We also ensure your company addresses issues or weaknesses that are too often pushed to the back burner and help you remain in compliance with industry standards and guidelines.


Eliminate unnecessary downtime with NRC’s Managed Services Group and focus on core competencies. We help you avoid everything from cyber threats to scheduled maintenance outages with strategic calendars and continuity plans. Instead of worrying about the health and stability of your IT, you can focus on growing your business.


Technology evolves and moves at an alarming speed; by the time you’re used to one iteration, there’s an update (or a complete overhaul) waiting just around the corner, ready to render your current system obsolete. Stay ahead of tech trends—and gain a competitive edge over the competition—with expert knowledge and implementations from NRC’s Managed Services Group.

Our talented and experienced staff is US-based and provides specialized, direct support to our valued clients. Get in touch with our Managed Services Group today to learn more about these and the many other services we offer, including comprehensive support for your Oracle and PeopleSoft applications.