Though technology continues to change, our goals here at New Resources Consulting remain constant: provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service and always find ways to add value to their operations. We sat down with the Director of the IT Project Management Office of a large healthcare organization to discuss their experience with New Resources Consulting’s Project Management Team and how the partnership not only has produced incredible results, but also a lasting professional relationship.

What was the event or challenge you faced that inspired you to work with NRC?

We had a specialized project that came up that was centered on a partnership with an external organization who was looking to implement a unified radiology platform. We were essentially looking to improve the real-time communication between our facilities. The solution was highly specialized for the needs of radiology and imaging specialties, but we were also searching for tight and coordinated project management. We needed a quick implementation which demanded more Project Manager capacity than we had internal bandwidth to accommodate, so we decided to look externally for someone with the right skillset and availability to address this urgent need. Incidentally, I learned about New Resources Consulting from a colleague who had had a good experience with NRC in the past.

What type of services did NRC provide to your organization?

NRC’s consultants helped us understand the exact nature of our need, ensuring they had a clear understanding of the project’s scope as well as expectations for the resources we required. They ultimately identified a project manager contingent resource who was available to us about 25 hours per week, which actually worked very nicely—it was exactly what both parties needed. NRC did a great job of aligning our needs with their offering to make sure both parties were happy and getting what they needed.

What benefits did you experience as a result of NRC’s services?

Our NRC Project Manager is just really a top-notch resource; I can’t say enough good things about her. This particular project was to implement a unified radiology platform between our organization and a partner organization, including integration with multiple 3rd party supporting systems. She got in on the ground floor during the scoping and initiations and has been able to drive the project from the beginning. As an organization who is continuing to explore best practices in project and program management ourselves, she has done a phenomenal job of not only navigating the internal processes and expectations that we are setting, but also helping us to identify areas where we may not be as mature as we could be. She provides strong example content, so I can bring what she has done back into the PMO and say, “Hey, look at how she handled this. We should all be doing this.” She’s done a great job with all aspects of the project and organization, including navigating executive communication, providing detail to the analysts, managing risks, and communicating with the right audiences at the right times.

My ongoing relationship with NRC’s VP of Client Delivery has been great, too. He’s very flexible and doesn’t exert any pressure on our organization. He’s expressed that NRC is happy to find us candidates, but he’s never put the pressure on me; he just seems genuinely happy to collaborate.

What advice would you give to a company looking for similar services?

Do your homework and don’t overlook NRC—certainly have a conversation with companies available in your region or territory, talk about your overall goals and expectations, and see where NRC can add value, because they certainly have for us.

What have you enjoyed most about working with NRC?

The collegiality I’ve had with the VP of Client Delivery; I’ve really enjoyed his openness and assistance. And, of course, the NRC Project Manager has been great to work with. I love having a resource that I know will get the job done and will escalate things appropriately; her ability to understand and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time is just such a valuable skill in a Project Manager.