New Resources Consulting is proud to announce that we are a Silver Sponsor for Interact 2023! This annual event is hosted by the Healthcare Industry User Group (HIUG) and will take place June 11 – 14, 2023, at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The mission of HIUG is to advance the goals and interests of healthcare organizations and similarly aligned entities by enhancing the effective and efficient use of Oracle Solutions and other healthcare technology systems.

”Our annual event, Interact, continues to get better every year. The HIUG board is committed to fostering education, discussions about solutions, and best practices that help our members improve quality of care while reducing costs and improving margins. Interact offers over 100 user-driven sessions that address unique implementations, overcoming challenges, and exploring new ideas. It is a great investment!” -Trudy Melzer Pavlik, Conference Chair

Don Weber, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, will be in attendance as well as Mike Doyle, Vice President of Enterprise Technologies, and Matthew Poupitch, Manager of FSCM Managed Services and Strategy. They will be joined by NRC consultants Randy Carico and Venkatesh Gurusamy. Stop by Booth 306 to meet the team, learn about our service offerings, and grab some Vegas-inspired swag items.

As thought leaders in our industry, you can also find the NRC team presenting multiple sessions during Interact 2023. 

Monday, June 12 | 9:40 AM – 10:40 AM

Room: Brera 1
Presenter: Randy Carico on behalf of Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System
Session Title: Implementation, Optimization and Automation – Oh My!

Aside from the usual tasks that you can automate, such as stop/starts, there are many tasks you may not realize can be automated:

  • CPU patching (Tuxedo, Weblogic)
  • Tools patchset patching
  • Rebuilding web server domains, including Weblogic console configuration
  • Reconfiguring/redeploying app servers/process schedulers
  • Database refreshes (including an invaluable nightly-refresh environment)
  • PUM installation
  • Monitoring scripts
  • Periodic cache cleaning
  • Off-cycle statistics gathering

These tasks can be automated and scheduled from a central control server, making the update and maintenance of multiple servers a trivial task.

Tuesday, June 13 | 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Room: Condesa 5
Presenter: Matthew Poupitch
Session Title: Oracle Cloud Implementation to Stabilization for SCM – Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health

Walk through Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health’s transition to Oracle Cloud from PeopleSoft by reviewing the implementation through stabilization with a focus on notable successes and challenges. We will focus on how Oracle Cloud impacted the supply chain operations and provide lessons learned.

Tuesday, June 13 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Room: Condesa 8
Presenter: Venkatesh Gurusamy
Session Title: Oracle Cloud Payroll Mid-Year Go-Live Considerations and Challenges – Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health

This session will explore the terminology difference between the legacy system and the Oracle Cloud Payroll system:

  • Key points/decisions that impact the initial balance conversion
  • Which areas need to be focused on during the balance conversion comparison process
  • Impact of initial balance conversion for other modules/reports like benefits deduction based on the limit
  • Impact of year-end process, including W2 and balance adjustment processes
  • Impact of third-party integrations with third-party vendors, other state compliance reports, and a downstream system that will require your payroll year-to-date data

In partnership with Atrium Health’s Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Payroll, Keysha Thompson.

Wednesday, June 14 | 9:40 AM – 10:40 AM

Room: Condesa 8
Presenter: Venkatesh Gurusamy
Session Title: Oracle Cloud Payroll Implementing Special Pay Practice and Process Stabilization – Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health

This session will explore how to Identify the special pay practice in your organization, revisit your business process, and decide how it can be configured in Cloud Payroll:

  • Make use of user-defined tables and other functionalities in Payroll to handle the special pay practice
  • How to ensure every employee gets paid correctly during each payroll period
  • Evaluate all individual tasks performed by the Payroll team during the payroll process
  • Plan to automate the loading of Payroll data rather than manual entry

In partnership with Atrium Health’s Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Payroll, Keysha Thompson.

You can find more details about Interact 2023, membership to HIUG, and how to visit our sessions here. Be sure to follow our social media channels for updates leading up to the conference.