At New Resources Consulting, our networks are like families. Though our connections take on many different iterations throughout the years, we pride ourselves on fostering long-term relationships with our contacts in the industry—and adapting to changes as our clients’ needs change. We recently sat down with Sam Catoe and Tony Kim of Northwinds Technology Solutions to discuss their experience with NRC and how “NRC has always gone above and beyond to satisfy all of [their] needs.”

1. What was the event or challenge you faced that inspired you to work with NRC?

Sam: I actually started working for NorthWinds Technology Solutions while an employee at NRC. In fact, several of NorthWinds’ staff and even some of our management are former NRC employees. I was initially called upon to do a three-month project in which I served as the NRC Engagement Manager, and we brought in numerous resources at that time. NorthWinds actually ended up hiring both Tony and me, as well as 15 other consultants we used on NRC’s recommendation. NRC has always gone above and beyond to satisfy all of our needs.

2. What type of services did NRC provide to your organization?

Sam: I came in as a Project Manager to help them evaluate their insurance platform, the system they use to provide sales and service of their dental and vision insurance to their customers.

Tony: I came in as a Project Manager as well, but I have the most experience with NRC’s resourcing services. I’ve found that there are no limits to their capabilities; NRC has been willing to find resources for each and every position we need.

3. What benefits did you experience as a result of NRC’s services?

Tony: There are many benefits to working with NRC, namely the opportunity to bring on folks as contractors, try them out, and see how they fit before making a solid hire.

Sam: When I was the Engagement Manager, I worked closely with several members of the NRC team—at that time, my team—and we would always work hard to line up candidates worth our client’s time to interview. I know from firsthand experience that NRC looks for the candidates clients want and need. It makes the recruiting process so much more efficient for us; NRC gets to know not just their clients’ needs but their culture, which really helps when searching for that perfect fit. They’ve also really stepped up to get to know our leadership team. NRC has never been just a firm—they’ve always been a name and a face.

Tony: The extra attention that we’ve received from our contacts at NRC is substantial. They understand us and the pace of our work, which saves us a ton of time. We rarely have a situation where none of the candidates they recommend are going to work. The attention to detail is really spectacular.

4. What advice would you give to a company looking for similar services?

Tony: You don’t have to settle. There are plenty of resource consulting agencies out there, but there are few out there that are willing to address your needs with thought and care. NRC is undoubtedly one of those firms.

5. What have you enjoyed most about working with NRC?

Sam: I’m a creature of habit. When I go to a restaurant, I order the same thing because I know that I’ll like what I’m getting. With NRC, it’s a game of consistency; it’s kind of like you don’t have to worry about dramatic changes. In short, working with NRC is a comfort.

Tony: Every year, NRC would host a Holiday party for their contractors and also invite the NorthWinds folks. Obviously, this year is an exception, but it has become an annual tradition. NRC is the only vendor that does that. They’re not just a firm; we don’t just talk to them when we need things. We have a real relationship with them. We know their reps are extremely busy, but they put the time in every week to not just talk business but to learn about us as people and a company.