New Resources Consulting is a proud supporter of Pathways High Milwaukee and attended their 2023 Annual Fundraiser at Milwaukee Repertory Theater on May 3, 2023. Attendees from NRC included Lorne and Sunny Tappa, with guests Antony and Nikki D’Cruz. Guests enjoyed a festive atmosphere, a lovely dinner, and the show “The Greatest Love for Whitney—A Whitney Houston Tribute.” However, the most impactful part of the evening was delivered by the students themselves as they shared testimonials of how Pathways High has positively affected their well-being.

Founded in 2016, Pathways High is a public charter high school open to students across the entire Milwaukee region. They use a project-based learning model that personalizes learning plans for every student. They combine on-site learning and IMPACT weeks, where students engage in off-campus life experiences and internships. Experiences are designed to develop and practice EMPOWER traits, which are 21st-century skills that include communication, collaboration, time management, and goal planning. Throughout the Pathways High experience, students are supported in making an IMPACT on themselves, the school, and the world around them.

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Pathways High Milwaukee: 2023 Annual Fundraiser | NRC