Check out this interview of our very own Don Weber by the Milwaukee Business Journal. You can find the original article published here.

Name: Don Weber

Job title: Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Name of Employer: New Resources Consulting

Years in current job: 25 Years

Why did you choose a career in technology? “It was the late 1990s when the IT market was white hot. Every company, no matter the size, was making massive investments in either implementing or fixing its corporate systems due to the impending disasters expected from the Y2K bug. It was an extremely exciting time to jump into consulting, have strategic conversations with companies, and help them with solutions to issues that might end up crippling their organizations. Fortunately Y2K became a non-event but it was a great springboard for many people into the world of information technology.”

What is your advice for someone trying to advance in a career in technology? “The best advice I could give is to invest in yourself; continue to build your skills and network. There are so many professional and technical meetups, user groups, and associations that you can join and where you can continually grow your skills and build a network of relationships that can help you solve problems and offer you opportunities.”

What has been the highlight of your career so far? “In addition to receiving this great honor of People to Know in Technology, the biggest highlight of my career so far has been the look on my two sons’ faces when they saw me on stage receiving the Best Buddies of Wisconsin Spirit of Inclusion award in front of hundreds of people at the Pfister Hotel. I could see how proud they were of me, which felt great, and now both participate in the Best Buddies programs in Cedarburg. I am incredibly proud of them.”

What is the one thing that is misunderstood about a career in technology? “The biggest misunderstanding is that you must have a 4-year, highly technical degree to get into this field. I have worked with many people that had the desire to learn and the communication skills needed to start on the ground floor, and they have built amazing careers in technology with little to no formal information technology training.”

What is your secret for getting things done? “I believe in personal and business karma. I truly do. If you invest in helping others, then good things will return to you. I am excited when I can help someone else and, whenever I need a favor in return, I always have someone to call. I have built a great network of amazing people who want to do good things. I feel fortunate that I get paid to help build this network of personal and professional friends who help me excel and vice versa.”

Finish this sentence — Technology is cool because…”it is always evolving, never gets boring, and you never stop learning.”