Here at New Resources Consulting, we approach our jobs differently. Our consultants are as committed to their clients as they are to NRC; we know that becoming an extension of your team means becoming fully immersed in the project, engaging with your team members, and being a comprehensive resource. Stacey Romano sat down with us to discuss her experience with NRC’s services, and how our consultants became “as engaged as one of [their] own personal employees.”

1. What was the event or challenge you faced that inspired you to work with NRC? 
We had a heavily customized, 25-year-old PeopleSoft system and we knew we needed a newer platform with updated functionality.  We engaged with NRC to help us find a new ERP solution.

2. What type of services did NRC provide to your organization? 
NRC supported the old, heavily customized system, so we worked with them operationally day-in and day-out with our own users and IT staff to make sure that the system stayed up and running. NRC also helped us build out the project for the new system.

3. What benefits did you experience as a result of NRC’s services? 
As AVP of Corporate Services, I was accountable when systems would go down or when there were any issues. I was always very impressed with how NRC handled these challenges. I never felt like they were a consulting firm; I felt like they were right there with us. They were as concerned and as engaged as if they were one of our own personal employees. Another fabulous thing about NRC was their daily stand-up, which was very productive. They would check in with the team and make sure they were integrated with each other, that they were remaining solution-oriented. They’re a very talented group of people. They were also dedicated to moving our Oracle project forward; they invested in getting some of their employees Oracle-certified so that we could build the new system out. When you have a customized system that’s old and you’re trying to usher in a new system, you need someone who is familiar with both the old and new systems—that adds value that’s not tangible in dollars.

4. What advice would you give to a company looking for similar services? 
For a company looking for either a). a new platform for current services or b). looking to outsource an older system they don’t need to keep in-house, I would highly recommend New Resources Consulting. NRC is right there with you; they don’t feel like a consulting group but rather a knowledgeable team of people that want to move your business forward. They were as invested as our internal team. I never picked up the phone and didn’t get an answer from NRC.

5. What have you enjoyed most about working with NRC?
The talent of the team, the dedication of the workers, and the continued relationship.

If you’re facing a challenging technology transition or need additional support when introducing a new system, New Resources Consulting is here to help. Get in touch with us today to extend your team without wasting precious time or materials.