Too often, a job has to be done both quickly AND correctly—and that is never truer than in the healthcare field. As healthcare and technology continue to grow ever more intertwined, finding a technology partner who knows not only your specific needs but the demands of the industry as a whole is invaluable. We sat down with Rebecca Beveridge, VP of Clinical Informatics at Advocate Aurora Health, to discuss, Aurora’s pressing needs and timelines and how NRC offered expedient, insightful, and effective solutions.

What was the event or challenge you faced that inspired you to work with us?

In 2018, Advocate Aurora Health needed to update their ambulatory clinics in Illinois with Epic on a very quick timeline. We did not have the expertise internally from a training perspective, so we reached out to get some principal trainers as well as certified trainers for us to meet what was a very aggressive timeline.

What type of services did we provide to your organization?

My interactions were mainly around training, so I met with principal trainers, revenue cycle trainers, and credential trainers. The initiative began on the ambulatory side of things, but, starting in 2019, our journey grew to include the inpatient side—again with another very aggressive timeline that required additional resources. For our ambulatory implementation, we trained over 8,000 team members and approximately 1,200 providers. If we look at our inpatient training over the course of two years which spanned eight large hospitals, I think we ended up with about 30,000 team members trained, so ours was a huge implementation over a couple of years.

What benefits did you experience as a result of our services?

I always appreciated the selection. As we went through the interview process with each one of the candidates, I felt the candidates brought to us were always really high-quality. The majority of team members or consultants who ended up working with us brought with them great skill; they were professional and not only helped with the project as a whole but really partnered well with our internal resources. There was a great sense of connection and partnership, no disparity when they left the project. I don’t get that same quality and content from other consulting firms that we’ve worked with.

What advice would you give to a company looking for similar services?

Do your homework and really think about what you need out of a project. I know there are some other larger companies out there that can be persuasive and insist they have greater resources, but I’ve received higher-quality candidates through you than anywhere else. If you’re really looking for quality candidates that will do the work well, then I don’t think there’s anywhere else to go.

What have you enjoyed most about working with us?

When we started on ambulatory, we paired a consultant with a team member—and we worked with some really great consultants. They were always very professional, willing to share their knowledge, and really help us through our journey with Epic. We started out as a very inexperienced Epic team and really needed their expertise to get us where we are today.

Also, the relationship I’ve developed with my rep is fantastic. He’s so down to earth; I feel like we’ve got a really good rapport. When I need something, I have no problem reaching out—and he finds really good candidates right away. That relationship is really valuable and much appreciated.

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