If your company is growing quickly, it can be challenging to filter candidates with certain qualities when expanding your leadership team. We sat down with Angie Edwards, Chief Financial Officer of HGA, to discuss how New Resources Consulting (NRC) helped usher in a new IT strategy during an important transition in management.


What are the types of projects that NRC has assisted your organization in completing?

We engaged NRC to help us with our IT strategic plan before we hired our CIO. We did not have a CIO when I first joined HGA. I thought that we needed more emphasis on technology in terms of expertise and skillset to advance HGA’s rapid growth and our competitiveness in the industry. We wanted NRC to take the pulse on what we did well and what opportunities we had. NRC helped us align our Technology vision with HGA’s strategic plan, and to envision how our Technology organizations can support the company’s overall strategy. NRC assisted in defining that framework by interviewing not just the Technology teams, but also other leaders within HGA to identify how Technology could advance HGA’s strategic plan.

With input from our leaders, NRC helped create our initial draft of the IT vision, mission, and objectives, which formed the foundation for the new CIO to assess and adapt. It saved her time in gathering background to our strengths and opportunities.

What makes your partnership with NRC different from other vendors?

I don’t really consider NRC a vendor, but more like a partner. Ric was our day-to-day contact, and he was very interested in our success. He really tried to understand the drivers behind our goals in the engagement. Chris checked in regularly to ensure they were delivering to our expectations.

For example, as NRC affirmed our need to hire a CIO, the recommendation did not stop there. They volunteered references to an IT recruiter, without a fee, which led to the eventual landing of our CIO, Michele Stanton. Because of their interest in our success, Ric and Chris also volunteered their time with the interview process, vetting candidates from a technical and CIO leadership perspective. With Chris’s background as a prior CIO, he knew what to look for in a CIO, which was very helpful. They went above and beyond what was required of them to get us the right person in the right seat with the right skills.

Another example was how Ric took interest in the development of one of our high potential IT professionals. Ric was readily available for any advice needed to help with his growth.

Would you recommend NRC to your colleagues and friends?

Yes! There was very good follow-up and check-in from NRC throughout the process. They have a real interest in the success of the client, which makes them stand out as a true partner.

If you were to offer advice to NRC leadership to improve their service to customers, what would you suggest?

As NRC is engaged to help clients with improvements, there is an inevitable need for change management with existing teams and processes. Even though this should fall on the client, perhaps NRC could offer suggestions that could help prepare the client with the appropriate messaging.


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Success Story: Angie Edwards, HGA CFO