In today’s competitive market, it can be difficult to find talent that both meets the job’s requirements and is a good fit within the company’s culture. We sat down with the Chief Information Officer of a national healthcare organization to discuss how NRC has helped them fill important roles while continuing to maintain their high standards.

What are the types of projects that NRC has assisted your organization in completing?

NRC has assisted us with many different projects. During the Great Resignation, we’ve had several unplanned exits from the organization. NRC has been critical in helping us backfill key roles on critical projects related to developing and delivering enhancements to our platforms. NRC’s resources have helped to keep us on track to meet our key dates.

Additionally, the pressure to deliver digital solutions in today’s marketplace is higher than it has ever been. Ultimately, NRC has helped us with our digital transformation by rallying around these key projects and providing us with the right resources, at the right time, to enable success. This shift has accelerated through COVID—if we didn’t have a partner like NRC, I don’t think we could have moved as quickly.

What makes your partnership with NRC different from other vendors?

NRC is the perfect partner for us because they’re responsive, they have access to great talent, and they follow through on what they say they will do. The integrity that they bring to the table and their access to the human capital in the marketplace—with things being as tight as they are—is really important to us. They also have great representatives for their company. Our organization has very high standards and partnering with folks like NRC helps us maintain those standards and deliver for our members.

How has NRC differentiated itself from other vendors?

NRC is different from other vendors in that they have access to an outstanding pool of candidates. When we have critical roles to fill—or backfill—NRC consistently brings us the best candidates, and they typically bring them quicker than others. They know what’s happening in the market, understand client needs, and watch trends closely, which helps them understand where and how to source talent quickly, even preemptively. By maintaining a close relationship with NRC and ensuring they understand our needs, NRC has consistently been able to execute faster than the competition—which has really led to a great partnership.

In addition, New Resources Consulting has been pivotal in helping us deliver some of our key projects on time. We have a fast-growing registries business, which relies quite a bit on developers; when the market’s been tight, we’ve been able to work closely with NRC—sometimes at the last minute due to unforeseen changes—to source talent to help us keep focused on these critical projects. Being adaptable, dependable, and intelligent are all things that we expect from our partners, and NRC over-delivers consistently by performing good diligence upfront to source that level and quality of candidate.

Not surprisingly, NRC is also just as interested in making sure the candidate is satisfied as they are in making sure the customer is satisfied; the balanced view they take toward customer requirements and candidate needs—and then how they skillfully marry those two things—is, I would imagine, a big secret to their success.

Would you recommend NRC to your colleagues and friends?

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NRC to any of my colleagues or friends. Their performance has been second to none at our organization and truly helped us maintain impeccable standards. We’ve developed a great relationship over the past several years, and we foresee that lasting well into the future.

What advice would you offer NRC leadership to improve their service to customers?

I think NRC can continue to stay a partner of choice with their customers by maintaining close relationships and understanding what’s important to their customers now, what they’re doing next, and where they’re headed long term. NRC has a unique approach, and this is a delicate balance of being top-of-mind—making sure they understand what their customers are doing today and where they’re headed tomorrow—without being a nuisance. NRC has done a good job of managing the customer relationship at the right levels.

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