No matter the industry, customers demand the real thing. A homegrown product projects quality and authenticity that cannot be mass produced. That ideal applies to our industry as much as any other: Without honesty and integrity, management and information technology consulting come off as cold and aloof. Even if the consulting firm’s methods seem sound, that crucial level of trust goes missing. As a Milwaukee-based company with the track record and research to back it up, we at New Resources Consulting are proud to be considered the “Largest Locally Owned IT Consulting Firm in the State of Wisconsin.”

Homegrown businesses rarely spring up overnight—they require nurturing and determination. In 2023, NRC will celebrate its 20-year anniversary under Mark Grosskopf, our President, CEO, & Owner. Our success today is a testament to his visionary leadership in an increasingly competitive industry.

We are proud of the business we’ve become over the past two decades, but we’re not satisfied sitting on our laurels. We remain committed to meeting client challenges and improving industry standards, leaving a trail of successes behind us. With our solutions, unlimited growth is possible.

The Largest Locally Owned IT Consulting Firm in the State of Wisconsin | New Resources Consulting