Apr 2021

Success Story: Justin Parker

2021-05-10T15:53:38-05:00NRC News, Success Stories|

1. What event or challenge inspired you to work with NRC? In 2018, we recognized that we had been underinvesting in the health and stability of our PeopleSoft platform. We held a number of meetings with key stakeholders across our IT, Risk Management, and Finance departments and ultimately decided to proceed with a large PeopleSoft Upgrade [...]

Apr 2021

Success Story: Jeff Lutgen

2021-04-02T15:38:24-05:00NRC News, Success Stories|

1. How did the foundation of NRC’s Talent Incubator program help you begin your career? It helped me begin my career by exposing me to a number of different clients, technologies, situations, and business challenges. In the Talent Incubator Program, I was able to learn a great deal in a short amount of time as I [...]

Feb 2021

Success Story: Liana Korek

2021-03-13T00:49:18-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

1. How did the foundation of NRC’s Talent Incubator program help you begin your career? At the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, my focus was on computer programming. When I graduated, it was really difficult for me to find an entry-level development job right out of school. Most companies were looking for two to five years’ [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Advocate Aurora Health

2021-03-13T00:54:13-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

Too often, a job has to be done both quickly AND correctly—and that is never truer than in the healthcare field. As healthcare and technology continue to grow ever more intertwined, finding a technology partner who knows not only your specific needs but the demands of the industry as a whole is invaluable. We sat down [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Hospital Sisters Health System

2021-03-13T00:55:42-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

New Resources Consulting’s specialized services are especially valuable and useful when implementing technology solutions in the healthcare industry. Our talented consultants work as an extension of your team—we learn about the challenges you face and understand how to remedy them. Sandie Selissen, Director of Administrative Applications at Hospital Sisters Health System, recently sat down with NRC [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Northwinds Technology Solutions

2021-01-28T11:18:06-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

At New Resources Consulting, our networks are like families. Though our connections take on many different iterations throughout the years, we pride ourselves on fostering long-term relationships with our contacts in the industry—and adapting to changes as our clients’ needs change. We recently sat down with Sam Catoe and Tony Kim of Northwinds Technology Solutions to [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Wake Forest Baptist Health

2021-03-13T00:57:44-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

Here at New Resources Consulting, we approach our jobs differently. Our consultants are as committed to their clients as they are to NRC; we know that becoming an extension of your team means becoming fully immersed in the project, engaging with your team members, and being a comprehensive resource. Stacey Romano sat down with us to [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Financial Services Firm

2021-03-21T17:25:20-05:00NRC News, Success Stories|

Oracle (or other integrated software programs) got you down? With New Resources Consulting by your side, you’ll get the most out of your technology investment. We help our clients navigate everything—from new software implementations to capabilities to updates. We recently sat down with Christine Olmsted, Senior Manager of HR Product Management at a well-known financial services [...]

Jan 2021

Success Story: Milwaukee Tool

2021-03-13T00:59:11-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

Upskilling your personnel is essential—even in a virtual world. New Resources Consulting’s training program is designed to be easily tailored to a client’s business needs and skill sets. Our experienced personnel act as an extension of your team, remaining committed to helping our clients find suitable and effective solutions to their unique technology needs. We sat [...]

Nov 2020

Success Story: “Don’t Overlook NRC”

2020-12-28T15:14:07-06:00NRC News, Success Stories|

Though technology continues to change, our goals here at New Resources Consulting remain constant: provide our clients with the highest levels of customer service and always find ways to add value to their operations. We sat down with the Director of the IT Project Management Office of a large healthcare organization to discuss their experience with [...]

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