For more than 15 years, the Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) from New Resources Consulting has helped companies of all sizes throughout multiple industries with the optimization of their enterprise systems to create greater efficiencies, gain competitive advantage, and grow revenue. An Oracle Gold Partner, ESG’s specializations range from financial to supply chain to human capital; providing the business, process and technology expertise to ensure organizations have thorough, accurate, available information in a format that can be utilized to strengthen their overall business decision-making.

Benefits of PeopleSoft Testing Framework (PTF)

Historically, it can be a challenge to keep automated test scripts up to date, reducing their benefit and usefulness. Selective Adoption and PUM (PeopleSoft Update Manager) mostly eliminate the need to maintain automated test scripts and with PeopleSoft Testing Framework, automated testing for PeopleSoft can be set up and maintained with minimal on-going effort.PTF is the easy-to-use open source solution for PeopleSoft performance testing. PTF allows validation of recorded objects against PeopleSoft object metadata definitions. PTF works by replicating the actions of a single user executing functional tests against the PeopleSoft browser-based application. Users can record manual test procedures and save them within the framework. Test and Test Cases are stored in the database as Application Designer objects. As a result, test assets are PeopleTools-managed objects, which can be managed along with other PeopleTools-managed objects through PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management. PTF makes adding a formal test strategy integrated with PeopleSoft installed and optimized quickly and can save up to 70-80% of the time currently spent on manual testing, while adding deeper, wider, and more consistent test coverage for upgrade and lifecycle management.

Capabilities of PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Delivered with PeopleTools 8.54 and up, the PeopleSoft Fluid UI is more than just page rendering. It’s a holistic interaction model that supports device hand off beyond just mobile. Fluid UI is responsive on all devices and allows for a simplified user and self-service experience. PeopleSoft has historically been extremely difficult to access and navigate via hand held devices, but with the Fluid UI users can engage with an updated and more modern UX.

    • Cross device compatibility for multi-platform mobility: Ability to use a single interface across multiple devices
    • Role Based Home Pages: Base for users to navigate to their work that can be defined by their role
    • Unified Navigation that is Visual and Intuitive: Common user interface across multiple devices regardless of screen size
    • The Fluid UI contains a grouplet called tiles, similar concept to a pagelet, tiles provide navigation. Depending on how tiles are designed they can also convey information based on the users role. The Notification Framework is a widget on the home page that is updated with alerts from all connected applications, it shows all the items requiring attention, allowing the user to view or act on the these items from the notification window without navigating around the system.

    Oracle Cloud

    Cloud technology is everywhere. Simplify and accelerate your journey to the Cloud with expert guidance from Oracle Solutions Group. Our Cloud services support the entire adoption lifecycle — from Cloud design and strategy to migration, deployment and support. Moving applications to the Cloud is a substantial undertaking. OSG assists you to understand, and plan for, the following:

      • Cost
      • Resources
      • Schedule
      • Security
      • Modules
      • Performance
      • Upgrades
      • Support

      As an Oracle Partner, obtaining Gold-level status is a significant milestone that recognizes OSG’s depth and breadth of skills and commitment to the Oracle product suite. OSG offers professional consulting services across the spectrum to support the full lifecycle of your software, specializing in Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud. Most importantly, NRC offers comprehensive 24×7 managed services to support your system as you migrate to the new Oracle Cloud solution.


      Enterprise applications require investment to successfully implement and maintain. NRC understands the technical and functional skills necessary to ensure that our clients maximize the use of their system. Our qualifications include more than 20 years of experience in large-scale PeopleSoft implementations within numerous environments, a comprehensive understanding of the entire application lifecycle (mitigating risks and transferring key knowledge), and a long-standing partnership with Oracle, enabling an intimate understanding of their product roadmap.

        • Increased business efficiencies by leveraging the latest functionality and software applications
        • Reduction in operating costs by deploying best-practice processes across the organization
        • Customization of the enterprise application to meet your business objectives


        NRC’s Optimization Roadmap is a strategic analysis of an enterprise system installation, including its underlying technical footprint based on current licensing agreements. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the current state of an enterprise system with recommendations (including quick wins) that allow an organization to maximize the system’s value. The deliverable is a defined Roadmap that allows an organization to meet and exceed industry application and business process performance.

          • Gains in enterprise performance and scalability
          • Justification for enterprise solution continuation and potential upgrades
          • Thorough assessment of current state with strategic and practical recommendations for future state

          Managed Services

          As IT budgets tighten, it’s even harder for businesses of every size to manage IT resources and quickly respond to change. NRC’s Managed Services allows you to leverage continuous, seamless access to our consultants’ expertise so that you’re able to focus on core competencies and re-direct your resources. The offering provides more value from your investments, more choice to deploy and control your business applications the way you want, and more confidence they will perform. All without the extensive time and cost of on boarding resources or maintaining the expertise in house.

            • You’ll have access to on-shore professionals – many times local to your area – who collectively possess deep industry and functional knowledge across Oracle’s full line of applications to effectively maintain and support PeopleSoft product activities and ongoing Cloud initiatives — allowing you to concentrate on meeting your business objectives instead of troubleshooting your technology.
            • OSG provides multiple contracting options to allow for full managed outsourced support, staff augmentation, annual incremental support, emergent support or on demand support. Support can be remote and/or on-site according to your needs. Incidents can be reported by email, web support system, and/or phone.
            • An Oracle Gold Partner, our highly skilled managed services team average more than 20 years of direct experience. Our personnel have an intimate understanding of the current, and future, PeopleSoft applications and can provide services in concert with your existing staff, filling gaps in the internal staff’s capabilities.
            • Our team of experts document each issue resolution ensuring a defined knowledgebase for client understanding and use. In addition, we have a library of resolutions completed for multiple clients, assisting our personnel to more quickly troubleshoot similar issues.
            • OSG doesn’t just monitor and support your technology. We work with your organization to advance and maximize your current system. Our managed services approach includes our assistance to initiate or support ongoing technology initiatives.

            PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

            With the release of PeopleSoft 9.2, maintaining your PeopleSoft environment now requires the review and implementation of application updates from PeopleSoft Update Images. PeopleSoft Update Images includes a combination of regulatory changes and bug fixes, along with new features and functionality. The new PeopleSoft enhancements and updates are easy to apply and are delivered using the PeopleSoft Update Manager and PeopleSoft Change Assistant. Selective Adoption allows you to apply and schedule PeopleSoft fixes and new features on your timeline and based on your business needs. This puts you in control of when and how to apply fixes and new features, as well as deciding what to apply. Through NRC’s unique Managed Services support services model, we can access and update your environment, either on-site or remotely:

              • Assess and document your level of customizations, versions, and image level
              • Provide a timeline for the application of updates monthly or quarterly
              • Develop a testing plan to include functional and regression testing and/or creation of PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) scripts.

              NRC’s PUM Managed Services allows your organization to maximize the benefits of the new continuous delivery model by staying current on Image/Updates, freeing up internal resources to focus on organizational goals and increasing productivity. When your products are up-to-date, applications are more efficient and future features and maintenance are easier to apply. Many updates have dependencies and delays in applying updates can increase complexity. NRC’s PUM Strategy Services will keep your software current while allowing you to optimize performance and functional enhancements.

              ERP & EMR INTEGRATION

              For many healthcare organizations, their largest software investments are in Epic (EMR) and PeopleSoft (ERP). As organizations have discovered, there are substantial staff, operational, and support efficiencies that can be gained through the integration of these two complex systems. NRC has professionals certified in both systems, a thorough understanding of relevant business processes, and the technical skills to successfully integrate the two systems.

                • Reduces the need to manually cycle count and issue material from PeopleSoft for Epic consumption.
                • Eliminates duplication of efforts in cycle counting and inventory reconciliation providing a 10% increase in operational efficiencies
                • Incorporates Epic and PeopleSoft in a harmonized business process improving synergy for projects and system maintenance
                • Validates Epic Item and Location data in the PeopleSoft (source) Inventory system prior to Epic scheduling (Item Master Interface)
                • Recognizes Epic material usage and demand prior to consumption to allow quicker response to problems and improve requirements analysis
                • Validates Epic Item and Location data in the PeopleSoft (source) Inventory system prior to Epic scheduling (Item Master Interface)
                • Combines both Epic and PeopleSoft steps in the overall SCM process to provide the foundation for improved control and knowledge transfer
                • Improves quality, system effectiveness, and overall productivity, which has shown results of more than 20% increase in staff efficiency.

                Do You Experience These Epic and PeopleSoft User Challenges?

                There are multiple challenges that organizations face in their utilization of both Epic and PeopleSoft. These challenges may result in not only duplication of efforts, but can reduce user confidence in both systems. Identified Epic and PeopleSoft integration challenges include:

                  • Inventory processes span both Epic and PeopleSoft systems, but users are setup and trained in only one system.
                  • The inventory process does not support cycle counting and inventory reconciliation (i.e. physical does not match perpetual inventory).
                  • Processes and items span multiple users and are subject to interpretation and misunderstandings.
                  • Replenishment is not forward looking and is not analyzed against actual history demand.
                  • There are too many unsecured inventory locations and replenishment paths.
                  • Exception and shortage handling results in time constraints by both the Material Handlers and Technicians.
                  • There is a high volume of material movement, including a large percentages of single unit transactions.
                  • There is volatility in the surgery schedule, which may include cancellations and return rates.
                  • Data integrity issues require troubleshooting and manual workarounds.
                  • Special conditions require manual intervention and management.

                  Our Consulting Team Can Help

                  Certified Oracle partner and Epic vendor, New Resources Consulting provides proven consulting services with professionals certified in both systems, a thorough understanding of relevant business processes, and the technical skills to successfully integrate the two systems.

                  MANAGEMENT TEAM

                  Oracle Solutions Group is headed by a team that understands the trajectory of technology and how to implement solutions that guide and strengthen businesses.

                  CHRIS DOWNS

                  VP, CLIENT DELIVERY

                  MIKE DOYLE


                  BILL BARKER


                  MATT POUPITCH

                  SENIOR CONSULTANT

                  UPCOMING EVENTS


                  SUCCESS STORIES

                  “A New Resources Consulting consultant served as a Senior Application Lead for the Skanska HCM Cloud Implementation, with for interface design (AN100), application set-ups (DS030), scheduled processes, and security recommendations, as well as overall project liaison with implementation partner. Subsequently, NRC provided the coordination of upgrades with other modules, P2T, resizing, SSO, workforce structure updates, and training and pod administration.”

                  Skanska | Oracle Cloud

                  “The team of Oracle Consulting Services and New Resources Consulting is currently assisting the City of Atlanta in their Oracle Cloud HCM implementation. New Resources Consulting is responsible for designing and configuring Oracle Cloud HCM security, as well as the implementation of Oracle Learning.”

                  City of Atlanta, GA | Oracle Cloud

                  “New Resources Consulting implemented the Talent Review and Succession Management functionality for a global business unit. This process included coordination across various functional areas with special care applied to privacy laws in different areas of the globe. NRC consultants produced multiple succession plan “slates” for key roles in Manitowoc Company’s organization, created “pools” to facilitate the creation of development plans for promising employees, and configured an effective talent review “dashboard” to allow business leaders an easy way to identify, develop and track talented individuals within their line of business.”

                  Manitowoc Company, WI | Oracle Cloud

                  “Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) wished to upgrade their existing Financial and Supply Chain modules from PeopleSoft 9.0 to PeopleSoft 9.2. In addition, they wanted to implement new module components (eProcurement, PO Change Order and Journal Workflow) into their enterprise application.Utilizing New Resources Consulting consultants and MGE subject matter experts, the comprehensive system upgrade and module implementation was successfully completed in a nine-month period. The upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 provided MG&E with new desired functionality, including the Item Loader Template and Accounts Payable and General Ledger Work Centers. Implementation of the new module components helped MG&E increase system operations by requiring less customizations to standardize business processes.”

                  Madison Gas and Electric, WI | PeopleSoft Upgrade

                  “New Resources Consulting was responsible for a comprehensive PeopleSoft deployment to incorporate all Sensient Technologies global entities into the PeopleSoft modules of Core Human Resources / Internal Resume and Talent Acquisition Management and Candidate Gateway.With facilities in thirty-seven (37) countries, installation of the PeopleSoft modules provides the international divisions of Sensient Technologies with the ability to more efficiently develop internal resumes, manage employee data, acquire talent, improve reporting, and streamline business processes.The project, conducted over a ten (10) month period, provides Sensient Technologies employees access to a global employee database to present real-time reports, compensation information, organizational charts, etc. and an internal resume system for international employees for the purpose of talent review, management resource planning, succession management and internal promotions.”

                  Sensient Technologies, WI | PeopleSoft Implementations

                  “Wake Forest Baptist Health desired constant support (24x 7×365) for all of their PeopleSoft 9.1 modules, as well as the integration points between PeopleSoft and specified third party systems. The scope of services included application administration, service support and evolutionary enhancements.With a team ofhighly skilled individuals, NRC currently provides round-the-clock support for all Wake Forest PeopleSoft modules, including Human Capital Management, Financial and Supply Chain Management, and Campus Solutions. Services include the application of PeopleSoft patches, system security, report distribution, interfaces, business workflow changes, and change management, as well as support for business cyclical events (example: Open Enrollment, Merit Cycles, Month End, etc.). In addition to end user support, NRC has also provided resources for multiple PeopleSoft project initiatives.”

                  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, NC | Managed Services

                  “Berlin Packing had identified multiple technology project initiatives that could enhance their organization’s overall business efficiencies, but they were unable to move them forward due to their staff’s consuming day-to-day responsibilities. New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services offered a solution to allow Berlin’s team to focus on completing their project initiatives while ensuring their overall duties were being met. NRC provided two (2) experienced personnel to provide daily support, making available four (4) Berlin staff members to concentrate on company improvement initiatives.”

                  Berlin Packing, WI | Managed Services

                  “In 2018, UW Health began an initiative to move their current on-premise PeopleSoft solution to Oracle Cloud. Understanding the need for internal resources to concentrate their efforts on the significant initiative, UW Health hired NRC’s Managed Services staff to provide day-to-day technical support. Originally, UW Health had nine (9) resources that provided daily support, with the business focused on break/fix services only. However, NRC’s trained and experienced Managed Services team is currently able to support UW Health’s daily technical tickets with only two (2) team members, allowing UW Health’s resources to focus on the Oracle Cloud project.”

                  UW Health, WI | Managed Services

                  “New Resources Consulting conducted a comprehensive PeopleSoft Financials Roadmap Roundtable for a prestigious Chicago-based organization, who has been a mainstay in Chicago for more than 100 years. The organization operates as three different entities, resulting in a PeopleSoft installation that is not optimized nor easily consolidated at most levels. The various entities are comprised of Accounting, Treasury, Strategic Sourcing, Budgeting, Risk Management, Legal, Information Services and Human Resources.They desired a defined strategic roadmap of their PeopleSoft enterprise system with identified short-term, mid-term, and long-term targets to further support their culture of continuous improvement. Over 30 Quick Wins, Mid-term and Long-term recommendations were made to allow for a continuous stream of value and benefits.”

                  Confidential Client | PeopleSoft Optimization Roadmap

                  “Advanced Disposal needed to implement multiple PeopleSoft Financial Supply Chain Management modules in an aggressive timeframe. While a project such as this requires experienced specialists, Advanced Disposal also desired the opportunity to hire knowledgeable staff to maintain and support the new structure after the implementation. The project was a perfect fit for New Resources Consulting’s Associate Program. Utilizing subject matter experts and senior consultants to perform the project while simultaneously mentoring the Green Bean candidates, NRC was able to successfully implement the modules, including a chartfield redesign and third-party data center migration, in the required timeframe. Upon project completion, Advanced Disposal hired three Associates, already fully trained on the PeopleSoft system and their internal processes.”

                  Advanced Disposal, WI | Associate Program

                  always moving in directions that provide value to our clients


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