Thank you to Microsoft MVP Lance Larsen, founder & CVO of Holosoft and President of MADdotNET, for his collaboration in creating this piece.

A few years ago, the idea that traditional office space could be completely overridden by digital meetings, even if just for a few months, was a radical idea. With the onset of COVID, we learned rather quickly that, indeed, we could carry on with business while working from home and connecting almost solely through our computers. There were concessions made, of course, but we got through it and now the idea of hybrid schedules is becoming more and more commonplace. There is little—perhaps nothing—that substitutes for true, in-person interaction. Video calls are a wonderful tool in a pinch, but they’ve become mundane and lack the opportunities for interaction that many of us crave. Especially if your business or service involves3-dimensional products or spaces, it can be difficult to replace the in-person experience.


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