Since 1987, New Resources Consulting has offered superlative management and information technology consulting. We constantly search out and supply our clients with the most current and effective tools, technologies, and tactics that inevitably improve business efficiency and grant our clients a competitive edge.

Management Consulting Group

NRC’s Management Consulting Group partners with companies to help successfully implement business strategy with efficient and effective management of projects, people and financial resources. Translating a vision or strategy into decisive action requires a unique skill set. We have built entire teams of experienced professionals, many of them former executives, who have not only faced a wide range of business challenges, but have successfully overcome them.

Business Analysis

Technology departments face constant pressure to articulate and deliver solutions that directly provides business value to the organization. Many times these projects fail due to poorly defined business requirements, inadequate communication between IT and the requesting business unit, and misunderstanding of desired use. Not so with MCG. Our Business Analysis activities and processes can bridge the gap from business to solution – ensuring that business requirements are thoroughly defined, clearly translated and communicated and accurate expectations are set and monitored.

  • Implements solutions that meet business needs
  • Reduces risk, complexity, redundancy and support challenges
  • Presents a central point of contact that can equally understands both departments

Organizational Change Management

Understanding the nature of change and proactively managing is critical. Done well, it can reduce resistance when implementing a process, technology or organizational transformation. Effective change management can not only lead to greater acceptance, but can increase organization efficiencies and employee performance through better communication and improved practices. Be assured, MCG employs the change management professionals, tools and techniques that lead to the best business outcome possible.

    • Aligns existing resources and expectations within the organization
    • Increases employee commitment to change
    • Lowers the risk of failure associated with the change
    • Creates an opportunity for the development of best practices

    Project Management

    Successful projects demand effective project execution. It all starts with strong project management—a MCG cornerstone. From project portfolio analysis and management to supporting individual projects with managers and analysts, we focus on delivering exceptional results for our clients as efficiently as possible. Our project portfolio assessment methodology will determine your organization’s ability to implement your project strategy and provide you with short, medium and long-term improvement plans that may involve training employees, introducing new project management tools, or providing staff to augment your existing team.

    • Determines project value based on determined value and compares to alternative investment strategies
    • Balances the risks in the portfolio with short and long-term value of each project
    • Ensures project goals and resources are aligned to maximize returns

    ENTERPRISE Solutions Group

    Since 1997, NRC’s Enterprise Solutions Group has assisted clients in the optimization of their Oracle systems, concentrating on PeopleSoft applications for multiple industries. With specializations that range from financial and supply chain to human capital, we provide the business process and technology expertise to ensure organizations have thorough, accurate, and available information. This is done in a format that can be utilized to strengthen its overall business decision-making.


    Implementations & Upgrades

    Enterprise applications require investment to successfully implement and maintain. NRC understands the technical and functional skills necessary to ensure that our clients maximize the use of their system. Our qualifications include more than 20 years of experience in large-scale PeopleSoft implementations within numerous environments, a comprehensive understanding of the entire application lifecycle (mitigating risks and transferring key knowledge), and a long-standing partnership with Oracle, enabling an intimate understanding of their product roadmap. Click here to visit our ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group) page for more information.

    • Increased business efficiencies by leveraging the latest functionality and software applications
    • Reduction in operating costs by deploying best-practice processes across the organization
    • Customization of the enterprise application to meet your business objectives

    Optimization Roadmap

    NRC’s Optimization Roadmap is a strategic analysis of an enterprise system installation, including its underlying technical footprint based on current licensing agreements. It is designed to provide a snapshot of the current state of an enterprise system with recommendations (including quick wins) that allow an organization to maximize the system’s value. The deliverable is a defined Roadmap that allows an organization to meet and exceed industry application and business process performance. Click here to visit our ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group) page for more information.

    • Gains in enterprise performance and scalability
    • Justification for enterprise solution continuation and potential upgrades
    • Thorough assessment of current state with strategic and practical recommendations for future state

    Oracle Cloud Transition

    NRC, a certified Cloud Excellence Implementer, has extensive experience and knowledge in Oracle’s Unified Method Cloud Applications services, primarily in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning and Human Capital Management. A preferred Oracle partner since 1997, New Resources has an intimate understanding of the Oracle product suite and can develop a roadmap of considerations, recommendations, and benefits that Oracle Cloud can introduce to your organization. Click here to visit our ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group) page for more information.

    • Services to ‘bridge’ the transition from your on premise solution to Oracle Cloud, including strategy, design and optimization, and managed services
    • Improved IT efficiencies and ease of adaption with future corporate standards, strategies, and regulations
    • Optimization practice to ensure maximum value and best practice use

    ERP/EMR Integration

    For many healthcare organizations, their largest software investments are in Epic (EMR) and PeopleSoft (ERP). As organizations have discovered, there are substantial staff, operational, and support efficiencies that can be gained through the integration of these two complex systems. NRC has professionals certified in both systems, a thorough understanding of relevant business processes, and the technical skills to successfully integrate the two systems. Click here to visit our ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group) page for more information.

    • A more complete, secure electronic patient record
    • Improved revenue cycle and supply chain management
    • Integrated workflows that streamline processes for both the clinical and business sides

    Talent Incubator Consultants

    NRC instituted its Talent Incubator Program to identify, train, and groom talented graduates in pursuit of filling technical and functional support roles for enterprise applications. Our Talent Incubator graduates have real-world practical experience working on implementations and upgrades – in fact, specifically on your project – combined with classroom training from our staff of outstanding consultants. Click here to visit our ESG (Enterprise Solutions Group) page for more information.

    • Provides opportunity to hire qualified, skilled, and integrated candidates for difficult-to-fill positions.
    • Recognizes typical project savings of 10 – 20% over the course of a 6 – 9 month project.
    • Delivers on-the-job and evening training sessions for candidates that are also open to your employees.

    Technology Solutions Group

    NRC’s Technology Solutions Group is specifically dedicated to build, support and maintain software packages. We provide your organization access to an advanced development and testing environment, professionals that are knowledgeable and current on emerging technologies, resources that can be utilized on an as-needed basis and a business partner that will be there for the long-term, sustainability of your systems.

    Project Execution

    Successful projects demand effective project execution. It all starts with strong project management—a TSG cornerstone. Woven in is a dedicated and knowledgeable team, proven techniques and processes and continuous communication with the project team and stakeholders. Our TSG professionals ensure that projects remain on schedule and on budget—delivering the intended value.

    • Increased opportunity for a successful technology project
    • Expertise gained from the execution of successful technology projects
    • Stakeholder involvement throughout the project
    • Engages stakeholder involvement throughout the project

    Software Development

    NRC manages a highly accomplished team of both business and technology experts. We are completely focused on the life-cycle of software development and deployment providing technology solutions to companies in multiple industries. Our resulting software solutions have enabled clients to more efficiently and effectively manage their operations.

    • Professionals who are knowledgeable and current on emerging technologies
    • Access to an advanced development and testing environment
    • Client-centric delivery of the resulting solutions

    Solution Management

    For most software projects, failure begins with poorly defined business requirements. Typically, this includes an inadequately defined scope, meager objectives, a lack of establishing expectations and scarce project monitoring. What differentiates NRC’s offer is that we’ve created a specific role and skill set to address these project deficiencies – a ‘Solution Manager.’ This role skillfully bridges the relationship between IT and the Business, providing the ability to accurately translate business needs into the technology process.

    • Understanding IT and the business’s ROI expectations. The result in order to set expectations and prioritize work
    • Ability to clearly define a joint business and IT strategy and solution
    • Clear communication to guide both the IT and business teams through the design and solution process

    Managed Services Group


    As technology continues to grow exponentially, and IT budgets tighten, it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses of all sizes to respond quickly and appropriately to change while simultaneously managing their IT resources. As an extension of your current support team, New Resources Consulting’s Managed Services Solutions Group allows you to leverage our expertise so that you can focus on strategic business systems while reducing downtime and maximizing resources.

    Managed Services | New Resources Consulting

    Managed Services | New Resources Consulting


    Managed IT services with New Resources Consulting gives your company a leading edge and allows you to be proactive with your business decisions. This is beneficial for multiple reasons, some of which include access to expert technologists, predictability through a preestablished service model, specialty services capabilities with an augmented staff, and more.

    Partners | New Resources


    Managed IT services with New Resources Consulting gives your company a leading edge and allows you to be proactive with your business decisions. This is beneficial for multiple reasons, some of which include access to expert technologists, predictability through a preestablished service model, specialty services capabilities with an augmented staff, and more.

    Partners | New Resources


    Our reputation rests on how efficiently and effectively we deliver what we promise. We are picky. We are picky about our people and only hire those who are passionate and experienced leaders. We are picky about our standards and only set the highest for ourselves. We are picky about our reputation and how we can best serve our clients, and we are picky about your success because we succeed when you succeed.

    We would love the opportunity to show you how picky we are. To speak to us directly and discuss a customized solution to fit your individual needs, please contact Don Weber, Vice President of Strategic Accounts.

    Don Weber | New Resources Consulting


    Salesforce Solutions Group

    NRC’s Salesforce Solutions Group was created to take advantage of more than 30 years of enterprise technology experience, proven processes, and demonstrated results. Our Salesforce consultants can assist your organization in multiple areas, including strategy, design, integration, migration, implementation, support, training and more.

    Resource Enhancement

    NRC serves as an extension of your current team, allowing you to efficiently and effectively maintain and support Salesforce activities and ongoing initiatives.

    • Personnel with relevant Salesforce experience and expertise
    • Focus on meeting overall business objectives instead of maintaining and supporting technology

    Managed Services

    With an average of more than 15 years of technology experience, our staff of over 200 consultants can ensure that technology needs are met quickly, thoroughly, and successfully.

    • Closes the gap between IT support and business demands
    • Compliments your current workforce with the resources needed to efficiently and effectively manage your Salesforce system


    NRC offers a full range of training services, including curriculum development and delivery (classroom or virtual) by Salesforce certified professionals.

    • Training can be provided to end users, administrators, developers and managers
    • Comprehensive range of services that encourage the use of the Salesforce system

    NRC Checkpoints

    “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    New Resources Consulting has developed three distinct proprietary offerings that turn our clients’ wishes into goals. We call these offerings “checkpoints,” as they allow our clients to pause, assess, and check project trajectory.

    The Checkpoints include a Project Checkpoint, a PMO Readiness Checkpoint, and an IT Strategy Checkpoint. Each of these distinct offerings invites our clients to take advantage of NRC’s leadership and consulting experience as we use our tried and tested best practices to help them implement strategies, establish necessary supports, complete assessments, and avoid any unnecessary waste of time and materials as they achieve their desired goals.


    Project Checkpoint | New Resources Consulting

    The NRC Project Checkpoint utilizes NRC’s business expertise and industry best practices to provide Executive Management and Project Sponsors with an objective and independent project assessment that identifies opportunities, risks, and mitigation strategies.

    The NRC Project Checkpoint Model is a five-step process that begins with NRC gaining an understanding of your business, the strategies you are employing to move the organization forward, how the project to be assessed supports those strategies, and what challenges you have encountered. Out of this step, we will establish the scope and budget for the Checkpoint and identify the key resources and contacts.


    The PMO Readiness Checkpoint provides an objective and independent review of your organization’s readiness to implement a Project Management Office (PMO), the potential to ramp an IT PMO into an Enterprise PMO, or deliver an assessment of the maturity of your existing PMO.

    The NRC PMO Readiness Checkpoint embraces a three-step process that will begin with gaining an understanding of your current state, determining where you want to be, and then developing the necessary roadmap to achieve your goals.

    NRC Checkpoints | New Resources Consulting


    NRC Checkpoints | New Resources Consulting

    The IT Strategy Checkpoint makes the best of NRC’s business expertise and industry best practices in order to provide an Executive Management team with an objective and independent assessment of their current IT Strategy. This includes checking the alignment of the IT Strategy with the Enterprise Strategic Plan and any potential the current IT Strategy initiatives have in order to meet established goals.

    NRC will also use the IT Strategy Checkpoint to recommend actionable items that may leverage opportunities, address any strategic misalignment, and mitigate any potential gaps in capabilities.

    NRC Checkpoints | New Resources Consulting


    Most organizations have a 70% failure rate on projects, accounting for a loss of up to $150 billion per year in the United States. New Resources Consulting knows that supporting the delivery of services, securing and leveraging business data, and utilizing objective and independent findings and recommendations will deliver a marked improvement upon all project undertakings.

    To speak to us directly and discuss how NRC can provide a roadmap for success on your next project, please contact Christopher Downs, VP of Client Delivery.

    Christopher Downs | New Resources Consulting
    Christopher Downs | New Resources Consulting



    Upskill your team with New Resources Consulting’s custom workshop models that can be facilitated in person, on/off-site, or virtually.

    At New Resources Consulting, we believe our mission goes above and beyond providing the industry’s finest IT Solutions. Two unique aspects of NRC’s mission are what we call “Educate” and “Connect.”

    Choose from our list of programs that can be tailored to your needs and talent and learn from our knowledgeable subject matter experts in an engaging workshop with a mini-lecture, hands-on activity, lively discussion, and helpful take-home materials.


    Ready to implement a new technology tool? Don’t roll it out to staff before carefully considering how to optimize technology acceptance and adoption. Join this workshop to learn 6 easy tips for getting your work force on board with new tools with minimal resistance. Overcome the inertia of change by planning and preparing. This workshop is helpful for management of any level that needs to roll out new tools in the workplace.


    Wondering how to keep your projects on track with minimal risks? Join us, as we work through real world use cases to practice risk identification by utilizing toll gates. Learn from experts how to best assess risks after identifying them and get helpful tips for risk mitigation. This workshop is a great fit for individuals who work in roles of Project Management.


    Come engage in a thoughtful discussion and workshop with like-minded peers. Our Checkpoint System invites our clients to take advantage of our experience and best practices, to help them implement strategies, support, assessments, and avoid the unnecessary waste of time and materials. This workshop guides you through a use case utilizing 5 steps. Get to take home NRC’s Project Checkpoint guide to help in future troubleshooting. This workshop will be valuable for Project Managers.


    IT talent is extremely valuable to any organization. Finding innovative new ways to attract, retain and energize IT talent is a challenge for many. Join this workshop to learn industry best practices from experts in the IT hiring space. This interactive workshop will provide insightful discussion, activities and a helpful take away. This workshop is for HR management and others interested in improving IT staff.


    Explore new ways to work with IT as a business partner. Determine ways to conduct business with and through technology. This workshop enables management to think differently about their IT staff and learn ways to optimize their performance for the benefit of the company, evolving IT into a business partnership role through collaboration. This workshop is a great fit for IT managers, Directors, VPs and C-Level individuals who drive IT initiatives across an organization.


    Whether brand new or in need of a refresher, this 8-hour intensive workshop provides a breakdown of all the important areas in Scrum: roles and responsibilities, events and ceremonies, and more. Attendees are provided with helpful course materials and engaged through activities and discussions. This customizable workshop is valuable for teams who currently use or those or are planning to use Scrum.

    Educate & Connect | New Resources Consulting

    Educate & Connect | New Resources Consulting


    With Educate and Connect, we all can enter a larger conversation—fueled, mainly, by your unique needs. Do you have a great idea for an executive briefing or panel? We can plan it together.

    Or perhaps you’re in need of an educational or informative in-service for your staff or clients? We can help.

    Maybe you’re looking for a presenting partner at an event you’ve been working on? NRC is your partner.

    Educate & Connect | New Resources Consulting

    Educate & Connect | New Resources Consulting



    NRC’s Healthcare Solutions Group is committed to revolutionizing the healthcare experience through cutting-edge technology and a dedication to excellence. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers and payers to leverage digital healthcare solutions, unlocking their greatest potential for growth and improvement.

    By harnessing data, technology, and industry-leading practices, we address challenges in business, care delivery, digital services, and talent management, enabling our clients to optimize patient outcomes and elevate their healthcare offerings.

    Collaborating with leading healthcare payers, providers, and public health entities, we shape a more patient-centric healthcare landscape, where innovation and transformative solutions pave the way to success. Join us on our journey to build a brighter future for healthcare, where excellence is the standard, and the healthcare experience is truly transformative for all.


    Experienced consultants, with strong technical and/or business skills, are in demand and command high salaries. Even if you have the budget for a top-notch expert, they are in short supply. And, if you find someone and successfully bring them on board for your project, once the project is complete, they are off to the next big project and you still need a resource to maintain your application.

    New Resources Consulting instituted the Talent Incubator to identify, train and coach local and diverse talent to fill enterprise application roles. Our graduates have real-world practical experience working on implementations and upgrades – in fact, specifically on your project – combined with classroom training from our staff of top-notch consultants.

    Direct Hire Group

    As the technology landscape continues to change, NRC’s Direct Hire Group is committed to help companies find and retain top talent within the advanced technology, engineering, and artificial intelligence (AI) spaces. Our proven approach allows us to quickly assess a client’s current needs and requirements, prepare a comprehensive sourcing strategy, and identify candidate(s) that fulfill their unique requirements.

    our mission is “improvement through technology.” we have been and continue to be a company dedicated to technology solutions and services that strengthen our clients.