Dec 2020

Utilizing Project Checkpoint Capabilities

2021-03-13T01:02:54-06:00Blogs, NRC News|

Carly Kroll | Director of Education | 2020 According to the Harvest Business Review, recent project statistics indicate that most organizations have a 70% failure rate on projects, accounting for a loss of up to $150 billion per year in the United States. Assessing your organization and projects trajectory and end goals is vital for security [...]

Dec 2020

Performing Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation

2021-03-13T01:07:43-06:00Blogs, NRC News|

Carly Kroll | Director of Education | 2020 At any time during the lifecycle of a project it is important to identify possible risks that could affect the desired outcomes, and create a plan to prevent those risk from happening. Creating a risk management plan is the process of identifying, analyzing, and responding to project risks.   [...]

Nov 2020

Running IT as a Business

2021-03-19T21:52:38-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

Introduction The role of IT is constantly evolving and growing; its influence in a business's success has become much more than just a background support system. Initially viewed by many as a support function or cost center, IT has proven its ability to help keep a business running (Lutchen, 2004). To fully take advantage of the [...]

Nov 2020

Attract, Retain and Energize IT Talent

2021-03-19T21:53:51-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

Companies of all industries are finding that IT talent is vital for success. With so many companies searching for top tier IT talent, technology professionals are approached constantly and offered jobs. “IT Pros say they receive 32 job solicitations a week,” according to Career Builder (Thomson, 2020). With so much competition for IT talent, it is extremely important for companies to stand out in order to hire, retain, [...]

Nov 2020

The Tech Industry Needs a Diversity Overhaul

2021-03-19T21:55:14-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

The tech industry needs to take a close look at its hiring practices and work culture. While the tech industry has known for decades that it needs to improve its balance of women and people of color, they have made little headway.  Even large companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, who have invested a great deal into diversity and inclusion initiatives, have found [...]

Aug 2020

Digitization – The Unexpected Side-Effect of COVID-19

2021-03-20T23:24:31-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

By: Carly Kroll | Director of Education | New Resources Consulting 2020 has brought with it a host of challenges worldwide. The spread of Covid-19 created an unprecedented change in industry with countries closing borders, communities shutting down, and social distancing becoming the norm. With this sudden immense change, businesses quickly found themselves facing a reality [...]

Jul 2020

6 Steps to Improve Technology Acceptance

2021-03-20T23:30:12-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

By: Carly Kroll | Director of Education | New Resources Consulting The past two decades have seen an immense change in workplaces from office spaces to factory floors. Technology has been evolving and changing rapidly. As we are in what some experts call ‘Industry 4.0,’ workers are faced with the challenges of confronting change in their [...]

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