Aug 2021

Notable Marketing Executives: Jill Means

2021-08-17T12:23:39-05:00Blogs, NRC News|

As posted in BizTimes Jill Means, marketing director of Milwaukee-based New Resources Consulting, has been instrumental in educating the markets about the New Resources family of companies (NRC, Westin/eRIS Software, CIO/CFO Water and Wastewater Forums) by managing social media, web, print, surveys, webinars, seminars and email marketing campaigns, according to New Resources president and CEO Mark [...]

Jun 2021

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

2021-06-01T15:14:11-05:00NRC News, Webinar|

In today’s business world, having agility within a business-unit partnership is critical for success. IT is crucial in making that success occur. A recent survey states 72% of business leaders believe their company’s ability to respond rapidly to change will make the difference between success and failure. That’s why now, more than ever, IT [...]

May 2021

Roadmap to Success in an Agile Environment

2021-05-12T16:14:59-05:00NRC News, Webinar|

  New Resources Consulting’s Senior Solutions Consultant Rob Kuenn and AVP of Business Analysis at QBE Insurance Carrie Schonhoff discuss the Roadmap to Success in an Agile Environment. The webinar touches on a transformation strategy needed for an Agile environment, the key benefits to a Scrum framework, and the culture shift required throughout the [...]

Mar 2021

NRC Employee Stories: Chris Hakala

2021-03-10T22:35:48-06:00Employees Stories, NRC News|

Why do you enjoy being part of the NRC team?   Being able to work across multiple clients allowing me to realize how different organizations have put their own unique spin of organizing and implementing their IT projects. What is your favorite part(s) about your job?  Working with such a great fun group of people. Bringing some [...]

Mar 2021

NRC Employee Stories: Craig Blumenthal

2021-03-10T22:33:07-06:00Employees Stories, NRC News|

Why do you enjoy being part of the NRC team?   I enjoy being part of the NRC Managed Services team because I enjoy working in a team environment. The “team” approach to delivering solutions to clients is a proven to be most effective. Working as a team in todays complex world of Information Technology helps companies [...]

Mar 2021

You’re Perfect, You’re Doomed: How Fear of Change Can Affect Data Security

2021-03-13T00:47:50-06:00NRC News, Webinar|

  TierPoint’s Chief Security Officer, Paul Mazzucco, is an expert in the field of human behavior and cybersecurity.  In this presentation, he examines the natural human tendency to fear the unknown and the consequences that such fear can have on cybersecurity decisions. Paul also highlights the latest hacker tactics, leveraging psychological vulnerabilities for attacks [...]

Feb 2021

Factors to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

2021-03-13T00:52:11-06:00NRC News, Webinar|

As more and more organizations consider moving their on-premise PeopleSoft applications to Oracle Cloud, it is imperative that specific aspects be evaluated to ensure a successful transition. In this webinar Mike Doyle, Vice President of NRC’s Enterprise Solutions Group, discusses the lessons learned from Cloud transitions.

Jan 2021

NRC Employee Stories: Mary Kay DeRoche

2021-03-10T22:46:09-06:00Employees Stories, NRC News|

What is your favorite part of your job?   I really enjoy helping IT professionals make good, solid, and wise career moves. I’m always looking out for my recruits to ensure their positions satisfy them personally, professionally, and financially. What work or project are you most proud of?  The COVID-19 pandemic was and continues to be a [...]

Oct 2020

Give Your IT Department A Break

2021-03-20T23:12:34-05:00Managed Services, NRC News|

At New Resources Consulting, we believe that burning the midnight oil can sometimes lead to a fire. With IT Departments pushed to their limits—and, let’s admit it, often beyond—some things are bound to fall through the cracks. Too often, in-house talent shoulders the burden of accomplishing work better suited for a team of experts. Enter our [...]

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